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Has time come to Form Two party system for the Parliament in India?

Has time come to Form Two party system for the Parliament in India?

2019 Parliament election results have confirmed that the new India is looking for a clear mandate for a party to rule. Most of the regional parties across the country have played a very low significant role in influencing the parliament. It is a very important change in Indian democracy.

Caste and creed influence also could not play a decisive role when it comes to Indian National approach and patriotic movements. This is a very notable point and proudful occasion.

Today the country’s political landscape has been divided BJP and Non-BJP parties. BJP could invoke the nationalistic sentiment and create hope to become the most powerful country under Hindutva while keeping the assumptions of all others are included within.

Let’s hope the aspirations of Indian people who have given clear mandate are fulfilled under the leadership of Narendra Modi of BJP Government during the next 5 years.

As we see one side the BJP is getting stronger and stronger day by day and spreading across all the states to be in the power, it may be good for BJP and they may be happy in executing the plans, but what is important to the democracy is to have always stronger opposition to the ruling in the interest of continuity of democracy as well as the people of India.

Formation of a new alliance at the national level (parliament level at least) by all the national parties such as Congress, NCP, SP, BSP, TMC, TRS, YCP, DMK, Shivasena, BJD, and TDP, etc. is the need of the hour. As long as these parties try to keep their hands closer to their heart and stuck to their regional identity it is impossible. Eventually, all these low-profile regional parties can never play a role as a national party who can assure the forming the government and give stable governance.

The time has come for all the Non-BJP parties to come closer and leave the regional identity and emerge as a democratic alternative to form a stable government. They should be willing to sacrifice their symbols and ready to become as ONE under ONE flag in the interest of democracy and future of India. The great consolidation of political thinking and re-emerge as a powerful political alternative to the BJP is essential and the need of the hour.

We at Badloindia feels it is very difficult for the long-standing political parties to give up the identity and form all non-BJP parties to form a new party or alliance under one flag and work for the next 5 years for the power. Our interest is to build a stronger democracy in India.
Otherwise, the political existence for many parties would be a big question mark?
These regional parties may keep their identity at the local level but at the central (parliament) they need to join and form a new symbol to go for next elections.


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