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BadloIndia proposes the following system changes:
In our political system we need to discuss and debate at all levels in the society. BadloIndia believes that once it becomes a national movement, political parties which make their agenda following changes will be elected and the constitutional changes can be made with ⅔ majority.

CM and PM shall be elected by people through direct election

BadloIndia proposes presidential system at state level during first stage of change, and once the system gets matured at central level the proposed change will eliminate the possibilities of unstable governments and premature election cycles. The primary responsibility of any democracy is to provide stable governments.

Two Party System

BadloIndia proposes, there shall be only two parties in the country and all the existing multiple parties at both state and central level shall be merged based on their ideological approaches towards nation or their objectives. The proposed system shall discourage the formation of regional and small breakaway groups based on the regional sentiments, language emotions, and caste based parties for the want of political identity, etc.

CM and PM positions are limited to two terms only

BadloIndia proposes any individual leader can compete for the positions of CM and PM. Positions shall be limited to two terms only. The proposed system shall discourage family oriented politics. The nation shall not get into the hands of few families. The proposed system will encourage new leaders and new thoughts for the interests of large.

Elected MLAs and MPs cannot become ministers

BadloIndia proposes that directly elected CM and PM shall choose subject matter experts as ministers. Therefore elected ministers need not be elected as MPs and MLAs. On the contrary if any elected member is chosen as minister due to his subject matter expertise, he or she will have to resign from their MLA or MP position, so as to make that they are representatives of entire state or nation, not limited to their constituency.

Elected MLAs and MPs not to interfere in execution missionary

BadloIndia assumes that both CM and PM are elected directly by the people without depending on the elected members. Hence interference of elected members in the day to day affairs in their constituencies will come down. As currently they behave as if they are above the law, their activities will be limited to represent people problems and passing the bills only.


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