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BadloIndia is an organisation started in October 22, 2015 by a group of people under the leadership of Mr. Panduranga Rao Pamidimukkala (PPR) in Bangalore.

India has chosen Parliamentary democracy system at the time of Independence. Ever since then we have been witnessing various system failures which have resulted in different names and shapes in our country.

Unstable governments

For any country stable government is the primary requirement to progress and be peaceful. Whereas in India, at central and state levels, the houses have been suspended, fresh elections held due to lack of majority prematurely. The cost of re-elections has been huge with which we could have built fantastic road infrastructure across India.

Multiple parties

Today we have about 46 parties competing in elections whereas it is extremely difficult to differentiate them on the ideological ground.

Money powered politics

Over the time, money interest has taken over the country’s interest. Increasingly, politics has become a source of making money and getting rich and richer. To get the seat one will invest huge money and try to get back double the amount after elections and make much more money to get the seat and win again. This vicious circle has weakened the system and made it corruption prone in every way.

Family oriented politics

Majority of the times India was ruled by a single family and this system does not have any limitations of the period for them to be in Power. India could not produce statesmen after independence in the existing political system. It has become a practice that every politician gets his or her family members to get extended their dynasty of their respective constituencies.

Elected members above the Law

In the current system most of the elected MLAs and MPs behave as if they are above the law particularly in rural and semi urban areas.

Horse trading to prove majority

Very interestingly drama will take place in order to form the governments when a party does not get absolute majority. Many vulgar arrangements and deals will take place where ideologies do not have place.

Keeping alive the caste system

In spite of over 70 years of self controlled governments, Indians could not eradicate or minimise the caste influences over politics. The accidental birth in a caste or religion is taken as granted for voting a particular party and the division and social tensions have grown beyond control as they are required for the political benefits.

Corruption & Black Money

The political system depends heavily on this. The goal and purpose of politics is to make money and black it.


The highest number of politically driven money scandals occurred in India compare to any other country in the world.

Economical crimes

Behind any economical crimes it has always been proved that there is some politician whom a particular political party has been protecting.

These are only few to mention that our parliamentary system is totally a failure and we need to replace with another well proven system like presidential system in USA.

Countrymen, you all agree with me on the above, and they are the byproducts of the existing political system “Parliamentary democracy”. One can find the same symptoms in all politicians and political parties across the states of India irrespective of language and region. So what do you attribute for all these except finding fault with the system itself? Let us talk about changing the system.


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